Christchurch - 150 Years Celebration

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5:30pm for potluck dinner
Saturday 19 August 2017

St Albans Uniting Church
Knowles St, Mairehau, Christchurch

Please bring a plate of food to share. We will provide cake and cup of tea!

Who… What… When… Where…?
We all know how important those questions are, but how are your who, what, when, where’s, when it comes to Scripture Union Knowledge? Another reason to join us in celebrating the Scripture Union 150th.

US & SU = Un-Scripted Scripture Union
During our time together along with sharing a meal, connecting with others around the country and telling stories we want to test your knowledge on all thing SU. Whether you had 1 experience or over 100 with SU there are lots of right answers. More details on the night. All your preparation is already completed by being part of SU recently or way back when.

Need a pick-me-up for the night or journey home?

coffee_truckThen we will have our very own Coffee Truck onsite for the 150th Celebration. Bring a few extra $ to keep you alert and awake for the quiz &/or the journey home. Help support a SU Volunteer in her coffee adventures.

But WAIT there's more
So, rumor has it that ALL 9 locations for the 150th Celebration are having a cake competition. Because we will be video-conferencing in with these other 8 locations, we will be not only be able to show what a great cake we have, but also photos of us eating it in front of them. Therefore, if you needed another reason to come along and celebrate this great occasion, this is it! 

Join together Nationally
From 7pm, venues will be joining together via webcast for updates on SUNZ and for our AGM voting.

If you would like to be involved in decisions we make as an organisation, become a voting member by visiting or phoning 04 385 0485.

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